Team USA’s Kayla Harrison

Takes GOLD at PanAm Games


October 27, 2011 – Team USA’s Kayla Harrison once again demonstrated to the world that she is a champion of champions, besting rivals to take the gold medal in Guadalajara today at the Pan American Games.

Harrison pulled a particularly tough list of opponents in the draw for the -78 kg division, and in the Pan American Games, that’s as tough as it gets anywhere in the world, Asia and Europe included. That Harrison prevailed bodes very well for this young judo fighter as she heads toward the Olympics next year in London, said Jimmy Pedro, Harrison’s coach at Team FORCE in Wakefield, Mass, and head coach of USA Judo’s Olympic Team.

In her first round, Harrison faced Brazilian powerhouse Mayra Aguiar – Kayla beat Augiar in the finals to win gold at the World Championships in Tokyo last year.

Harrison “fought a very smart and tactical match against the Brazilian, who is unquestionably one the best girls in the world at 78kg and who’s always a tough match for Kayla."

In the semi-finals, Harrison went on to defeat Cuban Yallenis Castillo, who took silver at the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. “Kayla had to dig deep to win in over-time against Castillo,” Pedro said. “It was not her best match, but after a first-round battle with Aguiar and dealing with the high altitude of Mexico, it is not a surprise. In the end, Kayla's conditioning and mental toughness prevailed putting her in the final."

Then Harrison faced Catherine Roberge of Canada in the final match for gold. The two women know each other’s judo well, sparring together often in training. That can make it a tough match, Pedro said. But, again, Harrison won and took the top spot on the podium.

“It’s a terrific achievement for Kayla, and it’s even bigger because her division in the Pan Am Union is as tough as the European and the Asian,” Pedro said.

“I’m really proud of the player that Kayla has become at such a young age,” Pedro said. Harrison is only 21. “You think about what she’s accomplished” – a World Championship in 2010, a bronze at the Worlds this year, and now a Pan American Championship.


Competition in judo continues tomorrow at the Pan American Games. This elite athletic event draws top athletes from throughout the Americas in numerous sports.

Yesterday, Team USA’s Anthony Turner, 100+ kg ( Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center, Coral Springs, FL), fought his way back from a first-match loss to take bronze.

Placing fifth today for Team USA in judo were Jake Larsen, 90 kg (Boulder Judo Training Center/OTC, CO) and Katie Sell, 70kg (Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO).

Catch all the action of your favorite judo stars fighting at the Pan American Games streaming live on ESPN3 starting tomorrow in Guadalajara. Go HERE to connect.

See the schedule and full roster of U.S. athletes with clubs below.







Angela Creutzberger

48 kg

Jason Morris Judo Center, Genville, NY

Angelica Delgado

52 kg

Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center, Coral Springs, FL

Hana Carmichael

57 kg

Team FORCE, Pedro’s Judo Center, Wakefield, Mass.

Christal Ransom

63 kg

Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO

Kathleen Sell

70 kg

Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO

Kayla Harrison

78 kg

Team FORCE, Pedro’s Judo Center, Wakefield, Mass.

Molly O’Rourke

78+ kg

East Bay Judo Institute, El Cerrito, CA







Aaron Kunihiro

60 kg

Team FORCE, Pedro’s Judo Center Wakefield, Mass.

Kenneth Hashimoto

66 kg

San Jose State University/Northglenn Judo

Michael Eldred

73 kg

Western Idaho Judo Institute, Fruitland, Idaho

Harry St. Leger

81 kg

Legrosports Judo, Brooklyn, NY

Jacob Larsen

90 kg

Boulder Judo Training Center/OTC, CO

Kyle Vashkulat

100 kg

Jason Morris Judo Center, Glenville, NY

Anthony Turner

100+ kg

Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center, Coral Springs, FL



October 25   Technical Meeting and Draws

October 26   Men – 100kg, +100kg          Women – +78kg

October 27   Men – 81kg, 90kg                Women – 70kg, 78kg

October 28   Men – 66kg, 73kg                Women – 57kg, 63kg

October 29   Men – 60kg                          Women – 48kg, 52kg

- Story by Ernest Pund


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